Teacher Profile: Casey - Part 1: The Adventure Begins


My fiancée Emily and I landed in Heathrow Airport, London, on a gloomy Sunday night; December 23rd 2007. For me this was my first time out of Australia, so at the young and tender age of thirty I was full of excitement and anticipation. I was aware that Heathrow was the most used airport internationally, but until I actually experienced the chaos that night I really had no idea of the madness compared to previous experiences. This was only the beginning. For me I would be away from Australia, and little Tasmania for three months. I had hoped for this to be a longer stay, but I was lucky enough to secure a permanent position as a lecturer at the University of Tasmania. Our plan was to spend five days in London over the Christmas period. London was massive and relied heavily on an excellent public transport system. Walking around the city was like going the wrong way through traffic. I was most amazed with the amount of statues all around the place, and the beautiful architecture that surrounded these.casey card To actually see Big Ben, London Bridge, London Tower, Buckingham Palace and hop onto the London Eye was great. Even better that I could actually say that I have now walked many of the streets that we all know from the Monopoly board. The memorable stories from the brief stay in London were the domination of squirrels in parks and living areas (they are everywhere), rarely seeing the sun (dull winter time), starting to get dark at 4:30 pm and not light again until 8:30am, and the sheer history of the place. Our next move was onto a train to Edinburgh (about 4.5 hours) for a New Years stay; we would be back in London in about three weeks.

Teacher profile: Casey - Part 1: The Adventure Begins

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