Teacher Profile: Casey - Part 3: Italy


In total we spent ten days in Italy which incorporated much travel through different city centres. These included Milan, Verona, Bologna, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Rome, and the island Sardinia. Initial impressions of Italy were that it was dirty and smelly in parts, had loads of graffiti, Italians were unfriendly, but was full of fantastic structures and historic sites. The ten days almost included multiple scuffles between myself and locals who could not understand my English (good idea to learn some of the language before you visit). Florence was definitely the nicest and most enjoyable stop, a very pretty city housing the famous statue of David. This is also the place where I became addicted to Nutella, and interestingly Italians have it with everything (croissants, ice cream, pizza). Verona was also impressive, being the place where the Romeo and Juliet flame ignited and the Forum. This was the only place in Europe where I actually saw somebody get pick-pocketed Other noteworthy experiences in Italy included:

  • Sleeping at the airport in Milan on a concrete floor because we missed the bus.
  • Statue of Neptune in Bologna.
  • The leaning tower is good, but not too much else in Pisa.
  • The Grand Canal is pleasant in Venice, but I actually enjoyed the canals of Amsterdam better (this happens later). The main plaza in Venice also attracts pigeons who land on your head and other body parts.
  • A public address from the Pope in the Vatican City (although difficult to understand).
  • Everyone commutes on scooters or bikes.
  • The food is ok but not great, and watch out for being charged more than the menu price.
card casey

The island Sardinia is worthwhile, surrounded by nice beaches, crazy driving adventures with mad local drivers, and lavish sea-side venues. Our time in Italy came to an end and our next step was to land back in London for one month, gain some international teaching experience, and hopefully save some pounds for further travel.


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