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The UK is a small country, technically, four small countries. In fact it's so small that the UK fits inside Australia approximately 32 times (31.798915 to be exact). Even though it's so itsy bitsy the British have managed to fit in a lot of people and a lot of places, making it difficult for you to know where to fit yourself.

teachweb operates in London, the South East UK and  certain other Cities (Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Hull)  


If London is your aim, where you live is important, being a teacher makes it doubly so.

Bare in mind the following when selecting an area to live in;

  • Central areas are more expensive, but many schools are within reach
  • If you live too far from the school - you lose all your free time to travel.
  • Most Australian trained teachers live in the West & South West of London

Also, different areas of London have a very different vibe and will suit different people. London is arranged like a big concentric circle with the Monopoly board in the middle and the rest of London rolling out from there. Obviously, if you don't know London you won't know what area suits you so why not let fate role the dice? Make yourself available for all schools, go for interviews, check out different areas and go from there. Use your work to see more of the city, as you change placements change suburbs.

The UK

Australia is not just Sydney, New Zealand is not just Auckland and the UK is much more than just London. The beauty of the UK being a smaller country is that you don't have to travel far to get beyond the burbs. Hop a train out of any London terminal and within half an hour you can be hitting the countryside. We deal with a large number of schools in all the counties surrounding London meaning you don't have to stick to the big cities to have a UK experience.

Once you leave the South East to find cities such as Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle the cost of lving drops immensely. These cities will also be less international and are known to be friendlier and less "dog eat dog".

Why not take advantage of your temporary working situation and work in several centres during your trip ? Combine the West London with Bristol, Manchester or Leeds? Your choice.

What suits me?

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