Subject Matter - supply teaching and demand!

Australian teachers are wonderful.

Some facts are hard to argue with. However, what you teach and how flexible you are does affect your options....

The shortage subjects (English, Maths, Science, DT and ICT) are always in demand. Australian PE teachers have a great reputation, not only for PE but for classroom management and versatility. If you have PE and have a second subject you fairly certain to find work.

The least in demand subjects are Art and History. You'll need to write your CV really carefully and make yourself as flexible as possible in terms of availability and Geographical area.

Here's a list of reasons why UK schools are so keen to employ you ! So many reasons!

  • Your laid back nature combined with our 'have a go' attitude provides us with the ideal Relief Teacher temperament.
  • Your easy going teaching style immediately promotes respect from the majority of students.
  • Your prediliction for 'hard yakka' means schools love us.
  • Your tendency to be trained in a variety of subjects tip us over from almost perfect teaching to true teaching gods!

Diversity in teaching is highly valued. Schools often have a problem with covering the 'overflow' of subjects so a teacher who is able to divide their timetable across subjects is a true asset.

So if you have the desire and ability to teach other subjects let us know, not just for the school's benefit but your own.

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