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  1. Introduction to arts careers show kids how to join the circus

    Students from two Perth high schools have been given the opportunity to leave the school grounds and get hands-on experience with circus and the performing arts

  2. Are our teenagers ready to be adults? We asked them

    There's a lot to come to grips with as adulthood approaches. From leaving their friends to voting, deciphering fake news and cooking their own meals, six teenagers reveal what's worrying them about the years ahead.

  3. How to explain homelessness to children

    Homelessness can be confusing and even scary for children, but talking about it honestly can help to understand this complex social issue and be more compassionate.

  4. Find out if your local high school receives a share in $250m new funding

    Nearly 60 high schools across Queensland will share in $250 million to build more classrooms ahead of the sudden influx of 17,000 students expected in 2020.

  5. Can a school ban playground backflips? They just did

    Our favourite athletes often celebrate with a backflip — but an Adelaide primary school has put a stop to the practice, prompting a debate around school safety.

  6. Widespread bullying of disabled students includes assaults and suicide taunts

    A national survey of students with disabilities finds more than half experienced bullying in a 12-month period, prompting calls for more resources in schools.

  7. 'Catchment fraud' at Brisbane State High sparks call for enrolment cap

    The growth in student numbers is being unfairly rorted by hundreds of families pretending to be locals, the school's council says, but the Queensland Government does not want to put limits on the catchment system.

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  1. Ofsted chief says poor white communities lack 'aspiration and drive'
    Schools in white working-class areas can face multiple problems, says Ofsted's chief inspector.
  2. Cyan colour hidden ingredient in sleep
    Adding or removing the colour cyan can have an impact on sleep, according to biologists.
  3. Brexit youth: 'I am angry and the future scares me'
    Young people who missed out on voting on Brexit share their views.
  4. Three children suffer burns after camping kettle explodes
    The girl and two boys were taking part in a cooking lesson when a camping kettle exploded.
  5. 'Should I stay or should I go now?'
    EU staff and their families at UK universities face big decisions about staying after Brexit.
  6. Too many firsts risk universities' credibility, says think tank
    The number of firsts given to students at degree level rose by 26% since 2010, Reform think tank says.
  7. Ofsted chief inspector backs ban on phones in schools
    Amanda Spielman also says she supports punishments such as lines, litter-picking and detention.

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