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  1. Talk Time program prepares students with autism for a life after school

    For some parents of children with autism, where even simple communication can be a struggle, their greatest fear is how to prepare their child for adulthood. But an award-winning secondary school program is changing that.

  2. The high school science lab that's barely changed since 1957

    Cootamundra High School's science labs were built before the moon landing, before the first kidney transplant, and only a few years after DNA was discovered.

  3. 'I was crying every day': 60 per cent experience worrying levels of exam stress, youth survey finds

    Two-thirds of young people are experiencing "worrying levels" of exam stress, with the number of those seeking professional medical health doubling since last year, a national survey of 1000 young people aged 14-25 has found.

  4. Brisbane students help out child amputees by making prosthetics

    Helping children who have lost hands in landmine explosions and other accidents leads students from a high school south of Brisbane to engage in engineering.

  5. Canberra schools bucking the smartphone ban trend backed by new minister

    As the New South Wales Government considers following an overseas trend of banning mobile phone use on school grounds, Canberra students take the opposite approach — and say it actually benefits their learning.

  6. Qld communities donate to school after dogs attack sheep

    Two acts of generosity, one from the city and one from the country, help the Livingstone Christian College's agriculture department recover from a devastating dog attack.

  7. Former high school principal a 'case study in nepotism': Ombudsman

    Investigations into a Bendigo school principal finds he misused public funds and ignored conflicts of interest.

BBC News - Family & Education

  1. Head teachers explain funding protest to parents
    Around 1,000 head teachers are expected to take part in a rally over "unsustainable" budget cuts.
  2. 'I hid my baby from social services in case they took it away'
    How some disabled mothers are often seen as a risk to their children.
  3. Labour conference: Jeremy Corbyn pledges more free childcare
    A pledge of more free hours will feature in the Labour leader's party conference speech.
  4. Black Cambridge alumni celebrated
    Thandie Newton and Zadie Smith feature among portraits of prominent black Cambridge University graduates.
  5. Labour conference: No new free schools or academies, Angela Rayner pledges
    Schools will not lose their current status but would have to follow "national rules", the party says.
  6. Dentists call for pudding and sweet soft drinks ban in schools
    Dentists are asking the Scottish government for a "bolder approach" on healthy food choices in schools.
  7. Sheffield Fir Vale school fight: Two injured and school closed
    Police officers were called to a fight at the Sheffield school gates at lunchtime.

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