Fitzroy Crossing Dist High Sch, Fitzroy Crossing

Name: Fitzroy Crossing Dist High Sch
Type: Primary and Secondary School
Address: Forrest Road
Town: Fitzroy Crossing
Postcode: 6765
State: Western Australia
Region Kimberley
Phone: 08 9191 5053
Fax: 08 9191 5179
Pupils: 300

Like most Kimberley schools, Fitzroy Crossing has a high percentage of Aboriginal students and the targets are Literacy and Numeracy. During 2005,the school will be part of the Aboriginal Literacy Strategy that is being established as a state-wide procedure for addressing literacy needs in Aboriginal students. The process seeks to provide a uniform teaching strategy that meets the needs of a highly mobile and transient population of students.

In addition, the school's Vocational Education and Training programme has been expended to include Rural skills conducted at Leopold Station and the establishment of an aquaculture training centre as part of a school/community project. In the early years of education, the school takes part in the Indigenous Language Speaking Students programme. This is an intense focus on Standard Australian English for use with students who have English as a second language or dialect. 

Teachers are expected to adopt and use ESL strategies for most of the students throughout the school. AIEO's have significant roles in the school and are seen as teachers-in-training for most activities. They provide essential links to the communities and provide teachers with cultural expertise and knowledge. An understanding, appreciation and respect for traditional Aboriginal culture is paramount to the success of any teaching programme within the school.


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QTS for teachers qualified in Aus. and NZ

The Department for Education have now confirmed that as of April 1st 2012, teachers whom have qualified in Australia and New Zealand will now be recognised as qualified teachers and awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England without being required to undertake any further training or assessment.

As well as being eligible to work in the UK, overseas trained teachers (OTTs) will need to have a fully recognised teaching qualification and, in some instances, registration from their country of origin. Teachers can apply for UK Qualified Teachers Status (QTS) by completing the following form:

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