Whittlesea Secondary College, Whittlesea

Name: Whittlesea Secondary College
Type: Secondary School
Address: Laurel Street
Town: Whittlesea
Postcode: 3757
State: Victoria
Region Northern Metropolitan
Phone: (03) 9716 2908
Fax: (03) 9716 1102
Email: whittlesea.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au
Website: www.whittleseasc.vic.edu.au
Pupils: 910

An introduction to Whittlesea Secondary College: I  have been Principal of Whittlesea Secondary College since October 1996. Although it is a relatively young school it  has  always been closely assigned with its community's needs and aspirations. Over 25 years ago it was the community that agitated for a new secondary college to address the growing populations to the north of Melbourne. In February 1975 a formal meeting was held by the Greenbrook progress Association to discuss  concern at the overcrowding and lack of facilities in the local schools and the need to press for further in the Shire of Whittlesea. At the end of several weekly meetings and vigorous submissions it was decided that a multi-purpose post primary school would be cited in the township of Whittlesea commencing in February 1977. It would cater for 7-12 with an anticipated  maximum enrolment of 800 students. At a meeting in November 1975 it was confirmed that the school would be a technical high school. Whittlesea Secondary College has come a long way since its first Orientation Day for Grade six students that was held in a tent in a sunny paddock in Laurel St. with the smell of cut grass all around them. On the 2nd of February, 1977, 16 staff and 166 students attended classes at Whittlesea Technical High for the first time in eleven portable classrooms. Since that time the College has grown to over 1000 students, over 100 dedicated staff, permanant buildings and some of the best facilities in the State Education system. The strength of the College has always been its strong and consistant disci pline policy and a wealth of curriculum programs. As the founding Principle, Phyllis Hipworth stated at the time of the College opening, 'The Educational philosophy will be sound and based to foster the widest possible personal devolpment of each student To achieve maximum personal devolpment for each child, human variability must be recognised fully and catered for within the school orginisation. Hence, the school aims to provide differential programs within the limits of human and physical resources. Discipline and the devolpment of self-discipline will be incorporated in the structure". The College has continued its commitment to meeting the educational and social needs of  its students. Its programs promote th importance of an education in a fast changing and challenging world. Unlike other secondary colleges it has embraced a vocatio emphasis that encourages students with either academic or practical abilities to understand the world of work. The facilities  and workshops  are the envy of many other schools. The outstanding outcomes of many of our students demonstrates the value placed on an expansive curriculum that allows students  to take risks, experiment with options and develop an understanding of themselves. Our students enter universities; undertake full tim apprenticeships or training, or access full-time employment. We continue to be proud of our community and the students who pass through Whittlesea Secondary College.   Avril Salter -  Principal      


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The Department for Education have now confirmed that as of April 1st 2012, teachers whom have qualified in Australia and New Zealand will now be recognised as qualified teachers and awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England without being required to undertake any further training or assessment.

As well as being eligible to work in the UK, overseas trained teachers (OTTs) will need to have a fully recognised teaching qualification and, in some instances, registration from their country of origin. Teachers can apply for UK Qualified Teachers Status (QTS) by completing the following form:

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