Norlane High School, Norlane

Name: Norlane High School
Type: Secondary School
Address: Cox Road
Town: Norlane
Postcode: 3214
State: Victoria
Region Barwon South Western
Phone: (03) 52751393
Fax: (03) 52755046
Pupils: 400

Norlane High School is situated in the outer suburbs of Geelong, approximately 10 km north of Geelong and 70 km south-west of Melbourne. In 1958 students first arrived (from a temporary previous location in Swanston Street) at the new buildings on the Cox Road, Norlane site. Over the next few years additional buildings and facilities were completed with the Official Opening performed on November 21, 1960.

In the vicinity of Norlane High School there are five Government Secondary Schools (Lara Secondary College opened in 2003 for Year 7 students, Flinders Peak Secondary College Years 7-10, Corio Bay Senior College VCE, Western Heights College 3 campus 7-12 complex and North Geelong Secondary College Years 7-12) and closer to Geelong exists several private secondary providers all of whom attract students in varying proportions from the northern suburbs of Geelong.

The majority of Norlane High School students reside in its neighbouring suburbs with a number of students travelling by bus from outlying areas such as Anakie and Lara. (Since the opening of Lara Secondary College, at the commencement of the 2003 school year, enrolments from this area will decline)

Together with Flinders Peak Secondary College (Years 7-10) and Corio Bay Senior College (VCE), Norlane High School (Years 7-10) forms the Northern Education Complex (NEC). This structure has been serving the needs of the local communities since 1995, following consultations during Quality Provision in the early to mid 1990s. There exists strong links between these schools, which incorporate staffing exchanges, shared Key Learning Area meetings, Professional Development activities and VCE / VET acceleration opportunities for students across sites.


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