Kedron State High School, Wooloowin

Name: Kedron State High School
Type: Secondary School
Address: Park Road
Town: Wooloowin
Postcode: 4030
State: Queensland
Region Greater Brisbane
Phone: (07) 3630 3333
Fax: (07) 3630 3300
Pupils: 997

Kedron State High School was established in 1956 and enjoys a high public profile as an excellent north Brisbane academic public school.

Enrolments have steadily increased since 1992 with the school seeking to stabilize its enrolments at around 1000 students. Students are drawn from a broad socio-economic spectrum with approximately 15% being from a non English speaking background.

Kedron State High School can be said to have two student populations:
a. The immediate- area population
b. The travelling population

The immediate area population derives from nine surrounding suburbs. The travelling population comes from thirty- five postcode areas and sixty-nine different suburbs. As a general rule, these students would attend schools closer to their homes- often schools with large enrolments- but who, as a result of the public image which we promote, choose to make their way to Kedron State High School for reasons relating to size, curriculum offerings and overall school achievements.

Between the two populations, speakers of approximately 40 different languages are present in the school. The multi-racial characteristics of the school are clearly evident to even the most casual observer. Liaison with various community group leaders and interpreters as well as meeting the educational, vocational, social and emotional needs of this diverse group are on-going functions of the school's personnel.

A Special Education Unit (SEU) has been part of the school campus since 1979 and caters for hearing impaired students who access subjects in the main campus according to their educational needs.

An English as a Second Language (ESL) unit was established in 2002 to provide support for the students who speak a language other than English, as their first language.

The school has also been accredited to offer an International Student Program and at present 50 overseas fee paying students are enrolled and supported through the schools international student unit.


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